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My friends call me eccentric, and my co-workers call me creative. Graphic design is a job, field of study and passion for me. I had spent my whole life designing- even before I knew that I was a designer. As a kid, I wanted to be an illustrator for the newspaper, until I discovered my love for creative writing. That dream died when I realized that I am a terrible speller; luckily, computers and phones are built with spell-check. You never know how many words you have never spelled until you have to write “Yippee-kai-yay.”

My favorite thing about being a graphic designer in Omaha, NE is the supportive community of creatives that I get to work with. Even though I am the sole designer at Election Systems & Software I can meet incredible people through my volunteer work with AIGA. Design is an ever changing and a unique form of artistic expression that allows me to network with people from all across the board.

Big projects

It is all about those results
  • AIGA Board Member

    I was honored to serve two years on the Nebraska AIGA board and ran the annual BarCamp event. As co-chair and chair of the event my responsibilities included everything from sponsorships to managing the design. 

    If you haven’t heard of BarCamp Omaha I suggest you check it out!

  • National Seminars

    Good design bridges the gap between 18 paragraphs of straight information and what people really care about. I was responsible for the design, production and shipment of over 40 custom booklets and presentations for customer centric visits that resulted in stronger customer relationships and future sales.

  • Employee Recognition Trip

    The design and location change every year so the Employee Recognition Trip is a great chance fro me to take a break from my day to day design and really stretch my creative skills. The project requires time management, project management and flexibility.

    I even got to go to Palm Springs!

but what do i do all day?

It is all about that time management
Graphic Design
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Daily Life
Coffee Consuption
Cat Petting
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Sushi Eating
Craft Projects

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